The Team
Behind CannabCo

Mark Novak - Chief Operating Officer

Mark Novak is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of diverse experience in both private and public sector companies. As one of the founders of Cannabco Pharmaceutical Corp. since its inception in 2013, he currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. Mark is responsible for executing Cannabco’s corporate strategy, directives, and initiatives on a global scale.

Mark’s exceptional expertise in areas such as operations, sales and marketing, IT infrastructure, technology deployment, and project management has been honed through his successful career in several start-ups and renowned fortune 500 companies like RIM and PRIMUS. His relentless attention to detail has served him well in achieving organizational goals and driving operational excellence.

Notably, Mark is the co-creator of Odourless Cannabis™, PureScent™, and The Phoenix Grow System, which are disruptive technologies in the cannabis industry. He has played an instrumental role in the development and deployment of these technologies, drawing on his hands-on experience in grow operations and cultivation strategies. Mark also serves as a key figure in Cannabco’s research and development team, collaborating with the company’s engineering and technology partners to drive innovation and growth.

Favourite Quote:

“Things are only impossible until they are not.”

― Jean-Luc Picard

Innovating is our happiness.


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