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The Phoenix Commercial Cultivation System
Years in the making and unique to the industry, PHOENIX was created because there simply was no grow technology in the market that met our expectations for quality, yield, and cost metrics.

So... We Built It



grams per sq/ft per annum

Monstrous Yields,
Epic Quality.
All Hydroponically Natural.

Lower cost per gram

A significant market advantage with a production cost of under $.40 CAD per gram.

Third party tested and verified

With 3 years of grow history, PHOENIX has been third-party verified with full documentation verifying claims associated with the technology.

Pharmaceutical grade medical production

EUGMP compliant with repeatable and consistent grow results for each cultivation.

“Top shelf” product quality

Designed to produce superior "craft" product with quality far surpassing that of outdoor and greenhouse cultivation

Maximize pathogen control and crop health

PHOENIX can be run pesticide-free with no product remediation required post-harvest. Best of all, the product is completely natural with no detrimental qualities to the consumer.

Maximize space and yield

Featuring a yield per linear sq/ft in excess of 1500 grams per sq/ft annually. No other technology comes close to these metrics in the cannabis industry.

Regular Yields
Avg. Breeder Reported Yield
Canadian Licensed Producer Avg.
Avg. Canada Producer
Phoenix Avg. Yield
Phoenix Grow System Yields

GG #4


NL #5


White Rhino


Incredible Bulk



PHOENIX was designed with the concept of Yield Compounding, a term coined by CannabCo management, for the combination of processes that when implemented together produce industry shattering metrics and quality. CannabCo utilized techniques adapted from commercial crop science that greatly enhance yield and product quality. Some of these tequniques are unique to CannabCo, some are not. When these processes are combined with PHOENIX a compounding occurs whereby each process enhances and augments the other in a COMPOUNDING effect. This results in unhead of yields and productivity while greatly reducing the cost of cultivation. Through the use of yield compounding and PHOENIX, CannabCo has significantly raised the bar for indoor hydroponic growing.

Raising the bar for indoor Hydroponics.

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