Sensations Altered

Lab Test

The Technology Process Changing an Industry!

The Result of Years of Research

PureScent™ = Odourless Cannabis™

Virtually Smell Free

No tell tale Cannabis odour when smoked, doesn’t stick to your clothes and doesn’t disturb your neighbours.

Reduced Harshness

Harshness and tendency to cough greatly reduced.


Gram for Gram higher potency.

Retains it’s properties

Full spectrum flower. No chemicals or additives.

Exclusive to CannabCo

Industry First. Proprietary technology.

The Process


Natural Process

PureScent™ is a natural process.

No Chemicals

We don’t use any Chemicals.


We don’t edit genes.

Earth Friendly

Our process is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

GMP Compliant

Completely food grade & GMP compliant.

The Conclusion

PureScent™ was produced exclusively for Cannabco and is the solution to a vast number of cannabis user’s response to the product’s strong odour and the harshness typically associated with consuming the product. We help people make it easier to use their product on a situational basis and provide a purity of product unmatched in the industry. Imagine that… a technology that lets you smoke when you want, where you want, without notice or disturbing others that are cannabis sensitive. It’s called PureScent™ and it’s exclusive to CANNABCO.

Cannabis Research and Development

Phoenix + PureScent™ = Unmatched Potential

Utilizing the concept of Yield Compounding for the combination of processes that when implemented together produce industry-shattering metrics and quality at industry-leading cultivation pricing.  


Odourless Cannabis™ will be sought after in every recreational and medical market globally.


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