Odourless Cannabis™

No Scents Makes Sense


Virtually Smell Free

No tell tale Cannabis odour when smoked, doesn’t stick to your clothes and doesn’t disturb your neighbours.

Reduced Harshness

Harshness and tendency to cough greatly reduced.


We continue to engineer many popular strains.


Gram for Gram higher potency.

Retains it’s properties

Full spectrum flower.


No chemicals or additives.

Exclusive to CannabCo

Industry First. Proprietary technology.

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Discreet smoking

Your time, your place.

Enjoy With Friends

Odourless Cannabis™ allows you to consume in public with no smell or dirty looks

No Lingering Smell

Travel in groups and you don't have to worry about the cannabis smell

Family Ease

Enjoy without the family complaining of the strong smell

No Smell On Yourself

Enjoy cannabis without the smell sticking to your body or clothes

Respect your Neighbour

No more complaints as you are enjoying discretely


There is now a way to consume with no worries of any lingering smell

Giving You Choice

There's a time and a place when it makes SCENTS

Discrete Social Cannabis Session
Cannabis Socially

Odourless Cannabis lets you choose the when and the maybe

A new survey found that half of Americans believe marijuana’s aroma is a growing problem. Even more Canadians loathe the eau de skunk.”, (PSB Research, Burson Cohen & Wolfe, Civilized, April, 2019)

Giving you a choice and giving others respect

“We don’t want the smell’: Quebec town bans public smoking ahead of legal pot”, (CTV News, March 2019)

Friends enjoying time together

The 100% Safe & Natural Technology Process that makes Odourless possible.


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