Taking the Sector by Storm


The CannabCo Story

It all began with an idea: 

To create a Cannabis company that would strive to be the best in every aspect. Founded in 2014, self financed, and with over 5 years of in-house research we’re now ready to come to market deploying technologies geared to producing a superior craft product, at an industry shattering low cost of production, and with innovative new products (like our Odourless Cannabis™) to take the Cannabis sector by storm.

Jan 2014

The Begining

CannabCo was born in early 2014 ready to take its place as a leader in the Cannabis Industry.  With so many regulatory delays, the company decides to focus on technology development while waiting for its health Canada approvals.

Jan 2014
June 2015

Birth of Phoenix

With a desperate need in the industry for a better cultivation system, the CannabCo team begins collaboration with a technology partner to develop an advanced grow technology to give the company a significant strategic advantage related to the cultivation of Cannabis.

June 2015
August 2015

The Facility

CannabCo moves into their Southern Ontario facility awaiting license approval and continues working with its partners on industry disruptive technologies.  In March of 2019 CannabCo receives its “Confirmation of Readiness” from Health Canada for buildout of their facility.

August 2015
September 2019

Odourless Cannabis™

History is made with the announcement of the PureScent™  technology and Odourless Cannabis™.  An entirely new market segment is born in the Cannabis industry representing a multi-billion-dollar value proposition.  

September 2019
March 2020


COVID-19 hits and CannabCo takes steps to ensure continuance for the company and its shareholders.  While the measures are drastic, so is the uncertainty while the brave men and women of CannabCo buckle down and persevere one of the most unusual times in recent history.

March 2020


The company’s perseverance pays off and CannabCo begins 2021 in the strongest position ever.  The demand for Cannabis, and more specifically Odourless Cannabis, skyrockets and CannabCo is at the forefront.  Who knew that quarantine measures, close quarters, and a massive increase of cannabis sales would result in such a high demand and necessity for Odourless Cannabis™ on a global scale… well… we did !

And here we are


Making its mark in Cannabis 3.0, CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. is a Canadian based full service cannabis company with operations in Brampton, Ontario. The company has received its Confirmation of Readiness from Health Canada to become a licensed producer and is currently building out its pilot facility in the Brampton Area.

WE DARE To Be Different

It’s been a long road requiring a tremendous amount of work, dedication, and patience that has ultimately paid off.

Mark Pellicane, President & CEO

CannabCo deploys an enhanced cultivation technology known as PHOENIX which is designed to produce incredibly high productivity and craft grown quality at a significantly lower cost per gram than others in the industry. Extraction initiatives, third party processing, production and manufacturing of oils, extracts, and consumables are all planned upon completion of the Brampton project. The EU GMP facility will allow provisioning to the under-serviced global pharmaceutical market.


The Team

A highly skilled group of dedicated individuals who are each experts in their area.

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