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Mark Pellicane - President & CEO

Mark is the President & CEO of Cannabco Pharmaceutical Corporation. As the company’s founder, Mark has been responsible for guiding Cannabco’s strategic direction. With a single minded vision of success and innovation, Mark has created tremendous shareholder value through the implementation of initiatives exclusive to Cannabco and unique to the cannabis industry. Mark is also hands on when it comes to growing cannabis and is considered one of the foremost indoor hydroponics experts in the cannabis space having developed enhanced cultivation, and processing technologies used exclusively by CannabCo. Along with his corporate responsibilities, and leadership role, Mark works tirelessly with the Executive Management team and key cannabis R&D engineers developing and enhancing Cannabco’s value proposition with industry disruptive technology such as Odourless Cannabis, PURESCENT, and PHOENIX.

Mark’s success began at the age of 15 when he was accepted into University of Toronto for Biology and Physics. After paying his way through school by building custom computers in his dorm room, he was appointed President and CEO of Software Solutions where he spearheaded an operation of software development and distribution to 23 countries globally.

He then pursued an MBA degree from Hamilton College in Oxford before establishing Infinity Online Systems, one of Ontario’s first internet companies. At Infinity, Mark was responsible for developing a calling region in Southern Ontario larger than Sprint Canada and was subsequently acquired by PRIMUS Telecommunications in 2001.

Since his time with PRIMUS, Mark has assisted many companies with technology development and product launches — establishing programs and distribution networks worth over $100MM in sales revenue. For the 6 years prior to CannabCo, Mark worked as a senior executive in the Oil and Gas sector where he established relationships in numerous international markets including the US, South America, Dubai, South East Asia, and several European countries.

Mark’s is an accomplished public speaker and has taken the stage internationally on topics ranging from business development, to cannabis cultivation strategies and facility build outs. Mark was invited recently to participate on the Cannabis Advisory Council sponsored by the Colombian and Canadian Chamber of commerce alongside the Minister of Health In Bogota, Colombia. In addition Mark was a featured speaker at the ExpoCannabiz show in South America speaking on strategies for successful cultivation in Colombia.

Mark is an avid scuba diver, enjoys reading extensively, is a lover of nature and animals, and has a passion for teaching children martial arts. While friendly and approachable, Mark is known to have a knack for cutting to the core of an issue, establishing a directive, and executing management with precision accuracy.

Favourite Quote:

"Do or do not. There is no try."


Innovating is our happiness.


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