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Real Estate Industry Endorses Odourless Cannabis™

Feb 17, 2022, 07:43 ET

BRAMPTON, ONFeb. 17, 2022 – CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. (CannabCo), a Canadian company located in Brampton, Ontario, is pleased to announce that it has received multiple endorsements from real estate companies related to its PureScent™ Odourless Cannabis™ technology. 

The real estate industry has taken notice of a significant problem solving technology related to the pungent odour of cannabis resulting from people smoking cannabis on managed properties. “We have significant problems with respect to the odour of cannabis products on our properties” said Sam, a property manager located in Ontario, Canada. “Since cannabis legislation in Canada, we have fielded increasing complaints from tenants that find the odour offensive.” Given the problem most property management firms ban the smoking of cannabis on any managed premises.

Sam is quick to point out that the problem is not so straight forward. “In addition to the problem of cannabis odour, we now faced complaints from the smokers that they had a right to take their medication in the comfort of their own homes. Both groups were of the opinion their rights were being subverted.” He further describes the situation as a “no-win” for management.

Impact on Property Values

A second real estate specialist, Ben, is further concerned about the effect he has experienced on property values and rental rates. “The problem of odour further impacts the value of the property in many cases forming a downward trend where consistent or even intermittent cannabis odour is present.” He further goes on to comment on experiences where families, especially ones with small children, decline a property or even relocate based on the presence of cannabis odour.

In the case of negotiating price on purchasing or renting a property, the smell favors the buyer and puts the property owner on the defensive. “Even the presence or hint of cannabis odour offers the purchaser leverage on price, often pushing concessions based on the negative aspect of the odour,” says Ben.

Enter Odourless Cannabis™. While both endorsements are from slightly different areas of the real estate sector, both agree; Odourless Cannabis™ solves a significant problem making their lives, and the lives of property owners on both sides of the cannabis fence much easier.

“I am very excited about CannabCo’s upcoming product” says Ben. “I am confident Odourless Cannabis™ will have a positive impact on our industry and I can foresee many individuals adopting the product to avoid complaints.”

Lift on Smoking Ban

Sam further goes on to say that they would lift the smoking ban in the wake of the odour solution provided by CannabCo. “Without a doubt, their Odourless Cannabis™ product provides a much needed solution both for us and the real estate industry. Given the products ability to eliminate cannabis odour when tenants smoke their cannabis, we would welcome the odourless cannabis product in its efforts to provide a much needed compromise between cannabis smokers and those tenants that have a problem with the odour.”

Letter on private property addressing no smoking rule and cannabis odours.

CannabCo continues to develop multiple cannabis strains and innovative first to market products, with its undisclosed technology and grow partner. Recently CannabCo announced a cannabis strain rated at an unprecedented 41% cannabinoid content, one of the highest ever recorded in the industry. CannabCo maintains full ownership and rights to PureScent™ and the Odourless Cannabis™ technology.

CannabCo intends to release additional information on PureScent™ in the coming weeks.

About CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp.

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. is a Canadian based agro-tech company with operations in Brampton, Ontario. The company has received its “Confirmation of Readiness” from Health Canada to become a licensed producer and is currently building out its pilot facility in the Brampton Area. The company currently has two primary technologies, PureScent™ for the growing of Odourless Cannabis™, and PHOENIX, an enhanced cultivation system featuring a hydroponic grow technology with high productivity and significantly lower cost per gram than traditional grows.

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